It's Time

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It's Time

Post by Goofydoofy »

I've been in this guild for 15 or some crazy ass years or so. I've raided all the time to rarely. I've been a major part of weekend grouping and helping people throughout the years with everything. So, it makes me sad to say it is time for me to make a change. I am going to move my left nut to the right side of my pants for now on and just make the right side fuller and give me a little space on the left side. I wish everybody the best during this transition and expect we will all see each other again sometime.

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Re: It's Time

Post by Tandt »

Hope you have a ball of a good time. And try to not get all twisted when out there in the wild.
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Re: It's Time

Post by Farrens »

I tried this once, just threw off my stride and made me look asymmetrical.

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