Saying hi to the old navigators

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Saying hi to the old navigators

Post by warchord »

Not sure how many are still around from the early Vazaelle server days, but if any are - I just wanted to say hi!

I'm doubtful that any would remember me but ... Back when I was a spazzy angsty weird teenager I picked up EQ sometime around 2000, I was 13. When a beloved founding CN member named Hunky quit Everquest, my older brother Cuin was gifted his account, who then let me play Hunky. I totally loved it and really enjoyed getting to know the Celestial Navigators. Of course, being a teenager with no self-control I jumped ship plenty of times to other guilds when I thought I wanted to be a 'hardcore' raider. Fantasy Awakened, Eye of the Deceiver, Caer Cadarn, yikes. I remember posting way too many 'goodbye' posts and typing out so many embarrassing TLDR posts on your forums. So much facepalm.
Yet all the old CN members like Jhereg, Lachaise, Rendus, Thoraz, Oramorph, Silly, Saphirone, Ashlarus, Vortecks, and so many more were always really kind to me, brought me back into the guild when I reapplied, and always accepted me for the spaz I was, grouped with me, made the game fun. I was a bit of a shut-in through my teenage years/early 20s and I have so many memories from that time in Everquest. Celestial Navigators was a big part of that and I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to any of you who are still around. You guys were awesome and I wanted to extend an offer to help you if you're ever in need, dm me and I'd be happy to share my email.

All that was many lifetimes ago. I'm a software developer now working for the US military as a contractor. I work in Javascript (Vue.js) and C#, but over the years I've worked in Java, PHP and some VB too. Around 2011 I just woke up one day and decided I'd be a programmer, so I've been studying and focusing on that since then. Attending now for Computer Science. I've learned a lot, read a lot of books... mostly non-fiction, but I did recently finish 'Wizards First Rule' as my first bit of fantasy fiction. Got married, divorced, moved away and back, became a sponsored skateboarder, started a business, and really tried to experience life after getting over my 'shut-in' habits. If anyone is on that journey I have a good book list and bunch of youtube videos that really helped me.
For gaming, I went to WoW after the Gates of Discord/Omens of War era in EQ. Came back to EQ for the 51/50 server as a bard ( ) and played for a year or so in 2009 when the economy bit the dust. Overall, I've played a lot of random games since then.

More recently, I started working on my own little browser-based RPG in my spare time. Researching the concepts for that led me to messing around in EverQuest this last week or two. Thus, I was reminded of the Celestial Navigators - these mature down-to-earth gamers I played with almost two decades ago - and figured I'd post here to thank you guys for being so awesome. I hope all is well with you and you slay many frost giants or whatever the recent expansion is about.

What's new with you all?

Feel free to remove this post if it's unappreciated or no one has a clue who I am. Just wanted to drop some love and reach out :)
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Re: Saying hi to the old navigators

Post by Derdarr »

Jhereg still plays and Rendus runs this web site for us. Thanks for the memories.
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Re: Saying hi to the old navigators

Post by Littlabit »

Hey Hunky I remember you when we first starting playing in CN too and I remember Cuin :)
Good to see you going toward a great career! Nice to hear from you.
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Re: Saying hi to the old navigators

Post by Sharrien »

I was in Fantasy Awakened for several years but I think you may have been in there before my time.
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Re: Saying hi to the old navigators

Post by Jhereg »

Hi, yep I remember you. Good to see you are doing well! I hope Cuin is doing well also.
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