Alt-Q window-task/mission/(insert other name here)

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Alt-Q window-task/mission/(insert other name here)

Post by Sno »

if anyone has any idea why this is happening to derems task window plz feel free to let me know how to fix the problem...

problem being .. hes given a task or mission and it says something like this...

kill 5 Goofydoofys
loot 1 halfling finger
kill 2 paladins
loot 1 head

as he would progess to kill and loot whats needed.. the task / mission never changes from the original... but when he is finished , he is rewarded for it being completed... its just very confusing as to what is still needed to complete some of the tasks, because what he has done already is not showing ...

just wondered if anyone else has had this problem before ... and this is not from the recent downloads.. its been going on for about 6 months..

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Post by Skratz »

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is an altered UI. Otherwise, I am clueless.
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Post by Rendus »

He may need to play with resizing the window and the columns of text. For the longest time I didn't know you got updates with each step, until I resized the task window.
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Post by Zurlik »

Yes, resize the window.
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Post by Goofydoofy »

I had this problem when they first started the monster missions. If I joined in after it started, my task never updated. Doubt that has anything to do with this, but thats my story and I'm sticking to it!
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Post by Qmaus »

I thought killing Goofydoofy several times over was part of the new expansion. Is this a mistake then? :P
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