New Computer an DSL!

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New Computer an DSL!

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To all of you that have put up with my constant ld’s and crashes I thank you and I’m sorry! I now have a new computer with a DSL connection and things are looking up. I started on dial-up which was an absolute joke as far as raiding. How Tenet got me through my epic quest is beyond me, Dartamus and Winona should be given medals! About five years ago Verizon finally had a strong enough signal at my house to make it possible for me to use an air card. That works but it’s shaky. The modem looks for stronger signals and will start switching towers which is hell when you’re in the middle of a raid. A few months ago my computer started giving me the blue screens and running like crap so between the two changes it’s like I’m playing a new game. From trade skilling to shooting lizards in the head everything is twice as easy. So thanks again I love this guild and the people in it. The hours we spend together are precious to me and I look forward to many more adventures.
Sincerly, Renaern Sweetleaf
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Re: New Computer an DSL!

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Darn it where is the like button? *looks all over the place* Oh well will give it a thumbs up then :) And way to go Rena!! Glad you like it :)
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