MPG Trials

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MPG Trials

Post by Galarina »

Gonna try to collect some links and info on the MPG trials (like we don't have enough to do). This is a work in progress.

I know these trials are tough but if some of us can work on them and get the strats down to where we can do them dependably, the rewards would be outstanding. Most dropped items in MPG trials are Quarm-quality loot.

The trials are also a ready source of Greater and Glowing spell runes. You don't need me to tell you how much the guild would benefit by a lot of us getting our level 69 and 70 spells.

For every new trial win you get a new aa skill level called "Trials of Mata Muram" which raises all your resistance caps by 8 and stacks with all other aa skills... its the reward for the group upon your first kill of any trial. There are 6 levels to this aa skill so 48 increase to all your saves caps if you complete all 6 trials.

Castersrealm Trial Guides

RPG Expert's guide to Trial of Weaponry

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Post by Szork »

The Shaman's Crucible had an excellent walkthrough of efficiency trial, if I recall... I'll try to find it again.

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