Ikkinz - group and raid maps

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Ikkinz - group and raid maps

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Okay, Ikkinz is an instanced zone off of Kod'taz. It only has one map but reuses it in different settings depending on what instance your doing. For ease of reference I'll list them like this:
Ikkinz 1 - Diabolic destroyer (group trial)
Ikkinz 2 - Malevolent Priests (group trial)
Ikkinz 3 - Flesh Hunter (group trial)
Ikkinz 4 - Righteousness (raid trial #1, 54 people)
Ikkinz 5 - Glorification (raid trial #2, 54 people)
Ikkinz 6 - Transcendance (raid trial #3, 54 people)
Ikkinz 7 - Keeper of the Altar (raid trial #4, 54 people) needed for 1/2 of Qvic access

Each instance has a seperate zone in unlike DoN missions. Trials #1 to #3(the group ones) all have their own entrances, trials #4 to #6(raid ones) have their own and trial #7 uses a variable entrance you find out after the trigger item is given to a golem in Kod'taz.

Here is a temporary map showing where the named are for the first 3 trials. Most mobs hit harder them mpg, i think less than RSS though the damage can be spiky until slowed.


I'll come back to this later as we get closer to needing it.

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