Yxtta Golem Riddles

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Yxtta Golem Riddles

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This isn't an important item in the short term but it came up recently so I thought I'd put it here. For those who win the Tipt trial you essentially get access to 4 zones. Kod'taz which is off Natimbi is the first and partly a nexus to the other 3. Ikkinz which only exists as group/raid instances is the 2nd. Yxtta which is a normal zone is south off Kod'taz, and Uqua which is an instanced zone off Yxtta.

If you look at the Kod'taz map at:
http://www.celestialnavigators.org/inde ... opic&t=878

You see Kod'taz is connected to 3 other zones. Namely, the various Ikkinz Instances, Yxtta, and the locked zone Qvic. Yxtta has 2 entrances, the east one leads to the Golem Riddle area and the Primal caves, the west one to a regular zone in. A decent map is:
http://eq.mapfiend.net/view.php?map=yxt ... g=b&id=256
(note, you can see Uqua instance entrance marked on there)

Now, if you look at the northeast corner of that map, you see an oval room with 6 square markings on it. The 2nd zone line back to kod'taz is north of there. The 6 squares are small rooms between some kos golems. The middle golems of the room are non kos. I'd advise having a rogue along.

After standing in the center a bit, you get riddles given to you in zone echo's. You seem to need to correctly do about 6-10 of them. I've only done it once so I'm not quite sure.

Basically imagine a clock, the northeast building has press spots in it. They can be considered 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock. The east building has 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock in it and so on around the circle. Now, each riddle has a number associated with it. I think if you press the wrong number the golems in the middle go live, but if you press enough correct replies you get an unlocking message.

The wall on the south side of the area becomes clickable. When you click it, a HUGE wall falls down creating a ramp up into the Primal caves. It stays unlocked for a bit. This is the only way I know of to get into those caves.

Answers to each riddle are in here, what I did the one time was have Find up and except for some spelling mistakes it was easy to match a small section of the riddle in game with the following and get the Time number needed to be clicked.


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Woot, we explored this a bit this weekend & it was a lot of fun, if time consuming :) Edhil did a good job tanking mobs there too.

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