Guide to Stonebrunt MM.

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Guide to Stonebrunt MM.

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This seems to be the popular MM atm.

kill 10 Mountain sprites
Get 5 Panda pelts
Kill Warlord guy.

Get mission from kitty in kitty town (just look for where the 30+ people in zone are sitting).
Pick mages for your chars (some like to pick a ranger for tracking but I find it unecessary). Even if you do pick a ranger make sure all the rest are mages.

Step 1:
Kill Sprites. Forget about the few wandering ones. You dont need track here. Most sprites are static spawns and spawn in pairs. Two unressited cinderbolts will even kill the red ones. A full bar of mana for the mage gives you 5 casts, you do the math. One mage should easiy take out a two spawn even if both sprites are red (have your pet off tank etc while you kill one then kill other). If you are multiboxing then after killing a pair, run the mage to a safe area to med up and take another mage out to kill another pair and rotate. It times out about perfectly, when you have killed the third set with your third char the first should be FM and ready for another pair. YOu need to kill 10 or 5 pairs.

Step 2:
Move all you chars back to the kitty town. This is where some people like to use a ranger to track, you are going to pull pandas back to town and sick all the pets on it. Cubs can be soloed easily (and are not aggro, dont have to pull them if you have the mana). Young pandas can sometimes be soloed. Mature and elder bring to camp and sick all pets. Pelts seem to drop about 70 pct of the time. You need 5 pelts. Turn the pelts in to the quest guy to spawn the warlord.

Step 3:
The warlord spawns at the entrance of the cave in town. Sick pets on him (three pets at half health will kill him fast, the pandas are tougher). Loot crystal, loot Chain arms or face and say leave to quest giver to leave (or jsut quit mission).

Beaded Armbands of the Tribe (Common)
Weight: 3.5 Size: MEDIUM
Slot: ARMS
AC: +33 Dex: +9 Sta: +9 Cha: +9 Wis: +9 Int: +9 Fire Resist: +8 Cold Resist: +8 Magic Resist: +8 HP: +95 Mana: +90 End: +90
Classes: Rogue Shaman Ranger Berserker
Races: All Races

Etched Mask of the Tribe (Rare)
Weight: 0.9 Size: SMALL
Slot: FACE
AC: +14 Dex: +9 Sta: +9 Cha: +9 Wis: +9 Int: +9 Fire Resist: +8 Disease Resist: +8 Cold Resist: +8 HP: +110 Mana: +105 End: +105
Classes: All Classes
Races: All Races

This MM can easily be finished before the lockout expires and can be done by one person (as you never need to control more than one char at a time). It results in about 90pct of an AA.

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