Ashengate simplified

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Ashengate simplified

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East Ashengate faction (Infiltrators and Traitors of Ashengate)
1) Do Pezripisid #1 (he's in sunderock) in direwind
2) Do Pezripisd #2 again in direwind
3) Get Pezripisid #3 and Zhubis #1, they are both in the east wing of Ashengate
4) Get Pezripisid #4 and Zhubis #2, again around the same area of Ashengate
5) Repeat Pezripisid's #1 and #2 task
Around there you should be ally.

West Ashengate faction (Scholars of Solusek)
1) Get Pulizzi #1 in Sunderock, loc -1365, +785
2) Get Jenray #1 in Direwind, loc 3040, - 316
3) Complete Jenray #1 in first tower in Ashengate West, go back out and complete hand in
4) Get Jenray #2
5) Remember to loot 1 Lava Ooze Gland and 1 Solusek Diamond (random from trash) during the plow in step #6
6) Complete Pulizzi #1 on the way to Jenray #2
7) After completeing Jenray #2, zone out to direwind and get Jenray #3
8) Hand in your Lava Ooze Gland and Solusek Diamond for Jenray #3
9a) If group is continuing, get Jenray #1 again and repeat steps 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8
9b) If group is ending, go finish Pulizzi #1 in Sunderock, get Pulizzi #2 while there.

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Re: Ashengate simplified

Post by Nenrea »

copy, paste & print ftw!!

:D Thanks!

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Re: Ashengate simplified

Post by oneyedranger »

question? Who do we con to find out faction? And thanks for the informative post.

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Re: Ashengate simplified

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oneyedranger wrote:question? Who do we con to find out faction? And thanks for the informative post.
Jenray for West and Zhubis for East
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