Grats on PONB!

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Grats on PONB!

Post by Rendus »

Congratulations CN on access to PONB! :shock:
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On a more serious note, we've gotten another Uqua win under our belts, MPG Trial of Adaptation beaten, and a 1 night Time clear.
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Post by Tkann »

Woowoo, also grats CN on being probably the first guild ever to do reverse-progression! (MPG trials, then PoN B...we rock)
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Post by Goofydoofy »

Wow, it has been a long road and I'd like to offer my gratz to PoNB access. I never thought this day would come. I'm only sorry that I was not online at the time to get this flag myself. I am kinda bummed because we will probably wipe to this hit in the future and who knows when I can get this flag. Oh the woe...
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Post by Jaffod »

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