Well, Hello Nurse!

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Well, Hello Nurse!

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After a few rounds with him, figuring out the script (and falling victim to a bit of misinformation), we've breached the last zone in Gates of Discord, Tacvi. We remain a single MPG trial away from Anguish, and are so close on that one that I was tempted to hold off on posting that until then.. But instead.. Here it is.

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Post by Qmaus »

Quick question about tue / wed raids lately...
How late do they usually run?

I know they start @ 8pm eastern.

At 11pm eastern I need to be heading out the door to get to work.
Is it reasonable for me to assume that if I manage to attend raid on tue / wed I can actually stay for the entire raid before I have to log off?

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Post by Jhereg »

Depends a lot on targets. If its mpg trials you can likely stay for both, or at least get the one in. If its something like Tacvi, well depends on the wipes.

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Post by Xril »

I've noticed recently our MPG raids etc have usually been ending around 8pm my time....so 11pm EST or a few minutes after. It's the things like Tacvi that Jhereg mentioned that seem to take longer, but even then we're usually packing up withint 3 hrs or so...

The only raid I've been on recently that's gone way beyond was Saturday's hits with the epic hits following. Which I'm glad we got done overall...
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Post by Jaffod »

I have to say that one think I am not looking forward too is my new raid times. I have moved back in to EST and that means I might be struggling to attend again