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Test patch notes 2 12 19

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February 12, 2019

*** Items ***

- Corrected an issue where classes that were not plate couldn't claim the reward for several TBL evolving items.
- Equipping multiple evolving items will no longer cause item experience to be split.
- - Removed the evolving items tab in the inventory window now that the concept of 'active' vs 'inactive' evolving items has been deprecated.
- - Evolving items will now display their evolution progress percentage in the lower left corner of the item's icon, similar to activated items with charges.
- Swapping augments no longer requires a specific solvent and instead looks for a solvent of equal or higher level, like removing an augment.
- Items with spent charges that are sold to a vendor now display the correct amount of charges remaining in the purchase tab.
- Increased the proc rate of: Ascending Sun Arcane Staff, Ascending Sun Devotional Staff, Ascending Sun Mace, Bloodstaff, Breaker Bar, Divine, Bludgeon of the Inferno, Enraptured Bludgeon, Harmonious Tightener, Heavy Onyx Heart Scepter, Mute Spiral, Premier Staff, Ralaifin's Dogma, Rustdown, Secret Dawn Arcane Staff, Secret Dawn Devotional Staff, Secret Dawn Mace, Sun's Golden Orb, and Vanda glow
- The Burning lands charm items will include Rank 3 and up evolving boots and gloves from that expansion.
- Added disease and corruption focus to Ice Star, Hoarfrosted Bow, and Arc of the Saffron Sky
- The evolved step of the cloth class Djarn's Platinum Amethyst Ring will allow a claim.
- Added icons to Immortal Curio of Ondine Force and Elemental Curio of Ondine Force
- Updated the descriptions of the Whispering Midnight Casting * spells on the items of the same name.
- Corrected the reward set name for Golden Efreeti Boots on Silver Efreeti Boot.
- The Burning Lands Evolving items will offer the correct items, and offer options if more than one item is available to your class.
- Added spaces to the name of the recources of the Hand Of Holy Wrath # spells on healer weapons.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Sagacious Great Jade no longer sells Etching Tools
- Released poison making components and recipes for the initial poison revamp when Seeds of Destruction opens.

*** Quests And Events ***

- The Conflagration Generals - Increased the size of the area that's checked when the bosses need to be near the towers.
- Trials of Smoke: Trial of the Wending Ways: Falling down the center, and failing the Don't Trip achievement, gives a message.
- Unfettered Emerald Excellence - Lowered the boss's regeneration slightly. Increased the amount of time between mephit spawns and armor suit spawns in the final phase of the encounter. Decreased the number of mephit spawns per wave in the final phase of the encounter.
- Tyrant of Fire - The mission will no longer be in an unwinnable state if one or more of the adventurer NPCs runs away.
- - Tyrant of Fire - Fixed some problems with text and messaging in this mission.
- Remodeling and Delivery missions - an update to these tasks will not happen when speaking to Unrepentant Sunrise or entering the instance. This was a bug and may have been a cause of other issues in these missions.
- Trial of the Ashes of Rusted Cliff's Glory - Fixed an error that would allow completion of the All Alone achievement when there were ashen elementals alive when Indomitable Onyx was defeated.
- All raid events in Underfoot will now drop more items, keys, and backflag items.
- Raid: Prince Ralaifin - Volcanic Billow Shards are removed from players when the raid resets.
- - Raid: Prince Ralaifin - Volcanic Billow Shards must finish their casting time to activate a tower.
- - Raid: Prince Ralaifin - When informing the raid who is safe from the billow, it should not add the new name to the existing name if there is more than one safe person. Each player will have their own line.
- - Raid: Prince Ralaifin - All of the spiderlings will despawn on reset.
- Skyfire Mountains - Ring of Scale - (raid) - Fixed a bug that could cause the Unhammered and No Outbreaks achievements to fail when they should not.
- Brass Palace - Discipline of Flame will no longer try to target pets with Spreading Heat and he will shout his warning about it.
- Trials of Smoke - The reward chest in the Trial of Three will no longer try to appear over and over again (though it was failing to actually do so).
- Trails of Smoke - The Trial of Three will no longer reset after success
- Contract of War (Raid) - The binding breeze NPCs will now spawn at the location of an adventurer near Radiant Fog Evening instead of a random person in the zone. In addition, the binding breezes will not choose to spawn at the location of the person tanking Radiant Fog Evening, unless there is no one else nearby.
- The Rise of Smoke - Causing the mephits in the Trial of Three will now gain the power to cast their spells faster each time they are drawn out of their elemental domes.
- Royal Visits - Fixed an error where Heart of Flawless Brass refers to the Aalishai as the home of the djinn.
- Relic Raider - mission - When the elemental deep earth tell you that you are too close to the earth, moving to the top of the steps will now be high enough for anyone that is very short.
- Sky Orchid Understanding in Esianti will now respond to [continue] properly.
- Trials of Smoke - If you have a lockout for any trial, you will no longer be able to loot items from the chest for that trial.
- 10th Ring Questline - Made the following changes:
- - 2nd ring quest - It's now necessary to have the Copper Coldain Insignia Ring to receive the Dull Bladed Axe from Garadain Glacierbane.
- - 4th ring quest - It's now necessary to have the Gold Coldain Insignia Ring to receive the Note to Tain from Garadain Glacierbane or to loot the Frozen Elixir. Handing the Note to Tain to Tain Hammerfrost now triggers the attack wave instead of his dialogue. The Note to Tain is now lore and no drop.
- - 5th ring quest - It's now necessary to have the Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring to hand in the Ry`Gorr Invasion Plans to a coldain lookout. Only someone who has handed in the Invasion Plans can loot the Head of Scarbrow.
- - 6th ring quest - It's now necessary to have the Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring to loot the Note from Kromrif.
- - 7th ring quest - Only someone who has handed in the Shackle Key and Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring to Corbin Blackwell can hand in the Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring to Dobbin Crossaxe.
- - 8th ring quest - Only someone who has handed in the Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring to Garadain Glacierbane can loot Chief Ry`Gorr's Head. Garadain Glacierbane now stays up after the attack on the Ry`Gorr fort much longer. Handing in Chief Ry`Gorr's Head to Garadain Glacierbane no longer despawns Garadain Glacierbane.
- - 10th ring quest - Only someone who has handed in the Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring and the Declaration of War to Sentry Badain can loot Narandi's Head.
- - Key NPCs that are being protected or escorted are now flagged as PC friendly. This applies to Boridain Glacierbane (2nd ring quest), Tain Hammerfrost (4th ring quest), Corbin Blackwell (7th ring quest), and Garadain Glacierbane (8th ring quest). Icefang (6th ring quest) was already set to friendly during its escort.
- - Hand-ins can no longer be multiquested.
- - Several dialogue triggers are bracketed that weren't previously.
- - Fixed many minor bugs and typos.

*** Spells ***

- Paladin - Corrected bad descriptions for several spells in the Ward of Tunare line.
- Fixed several spell scrolls from The Buried Sea that were not able to be scribed correctly.
- Druid - Fixed a problem that prevented the enervation heals from the Remote Manaflux and Remote Moonfire lines of spells from landing on pets and mercenaries.
- Enchanters - Corrected a problem that prevented the Arcane Disjunction Aura debuff from landing on most NPCs.

*** Mercenaries ***

- Made a first pass at improving level 106 to 110 Mercenaries. There will be further tuning in later patches.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Drowned Katta Castrum Powerstone is available when The Darkened Sea unlocks.
- Erollisi Day - Fixed an issue that was preventing Gilbina from spawning while the event is running on servers that had not yet unlocked The Darkened Sea.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fixed a bug where typing /pick in your guild hall would send you to another location in your guild hall.
- Dramatically increased the chance to gain skills when your current skill level is less than your class' skill cap from 5 or 10 levels less than your current level.
- - Ex: A level 50 ranger with a 1-Hand Blunt skill less than 210 will gain skill at 16 times the normal rate.
- - These bonuses do not apply to tradeskills.
- The Broken Mirror and Empires of Kunark are now free to play on Live, non-progression servers.
- Fixed an issue that could cause taunt to report that your target is too far away despite being in melee range.
- Names that were rejected when creating a new character will now display more information about why.
- Removed some legacy experience code so that experience-per-level is now uniform for all races/classes. Warriors, Rogues, and Halflings will no longer gain experience faster than other classes/races.

*** UI ***

- Fix an error noting no additional shared bank slots when logging onto progression servers.
- Added a (Riposte) tag to hits and misses that occurred due to a riposte.
- Throwing damage is now reported as a hit instead of a shot.
- Updated the Alternate Currency page of the inventory window to include an expansion name and brief description for each of the point types.
- Added the ability to change the color for faction links and messages through the options window.
- - Also added a new chat filter for 'Faction Messages' to stop the overflow into the 'Other' filter.
- Added the spell name and resist type to spell damage messages.
- Strikethrough messages are now reported at the end of a hit message instead of in a separate line. The Strikethrough chat filter has also been removed.
- Mana and endurance regeneration from bard songs will no longer incorrectly display the focused amount in the Stats window.
- Made the following changes to DoT reporting:
- - - DoT filters should be working again.
- - - If the caster of a DoT dies, their damage will now be reported as being cast by their corpse.
- - - If the caster zones or is charmed, their damage will be reported without a caster's name, and the damage will not be focused.
- - - If the caster returns to the zone or is resurrected, these DoT messages will once again associate with them and be focused.
- - - NPC's awakened by a DoT cast by someone who has left the zone or died will now display a message.

- Changed -

- The EverQuest Team
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