Saving time farming tradeskill items with Magelo

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Saving time farming tradeskill items with Magelo

Post by Jhereg »

So I've mentioned this in game a few times but if you are looking for rare items of any type, but especially old tradeskill items try googling it with magelo in front.

An example from the other day, google 'magelo high quality bear' will get you to:

Click on the tab 'Dropped by (79)' and it lists who drops it and the rate at which they do.

You often have to skip the top few because they are one off and might be pure luck, but if you look at cases where there are dozens or hundreds of kills you'll see a fairly reliable drop rate for the item, in this case Bears in Goru'kar Mesa have a 17-18% drop rate of high quality pelts.

Even a few % difference over dozens of different items you are trying to farm can add up.

Where it doesn't work so well is when the item is a low percent chance from almost any mob like say Staurolite:
In that you can see the first few pages are all 1 drop and you have to scroll several pages until you see 3 drops from one mob. Even there though you can take away some information, Staurolite seems to drop mainly from high 60's and up mobs, so if you find a zone with a lot of high 60's, low 70's that are tightly packed and can be pulled fast you'll get better results farming.
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Re: Saving time farming tradeskill items with Magelo

Post by Goofydoofy »

I like it.
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Re: Saving time farming tradeskill items with Magelo

Post by Sharrien »

Very nice. First item I searched, Flake of Lodestone, shows an article that Ngerth verified it no longer drops. So, one less thing to look for in the baz. Couple others showed a nice list of mobs that drop the things. Thanks Jhereg!
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