Another Hello from WoW :)

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Another Hello from WoW :)

Post by Milnalia »

Just dropping a line to my old friends whom I know in CN :) How are you guys? I peeked over your site, looks like you guys have done incredibly over the time I have been in World of Warcraft :)

As for me, I've been having a ball of my own in World of Warcraft, before the expansions I secured 2 level 60's, a paladin on a pve server and a priest on a pvp server, my paladin hiding out on the same server a bunch of ex-Clan Breathnach members went to, and my priest on Jaedenar. On Jaedenar, I became the priest lead of my guild, and with our new expansion I relinquished my spot to aim for the paladin class lead for my new blood elf. Check out my little evanescence music video! :D I haven't made many movies but I feel it is one of my better ones :)

But back to you guys, I'd love it if you guys dropped in on our vent just to say hi, or an email or a pm, something :) I miss you all so much and though I know in my heart I'd never be able to rejoin EQ, know you all have special places in my heart :)

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Post by Sno »


So good that you stopped by to say hi .. was wondering where you had taken off to.. have to say that i loved the vid and you did a great job at it ! ! ! good to hear your doing good in WoW .. say hiyas to the CBNers there for me and that i miss them too along with you .. take cares of yourself

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Post by Vitala »

Yay hi Milnalia! It's great to see all you're doing in WoW... we miss you over here though. I never knew where you were going to pop up next. :) It was always great fun to talk to you. :P
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